Andrew's uniform to attend classes
Andrew, born in 1973, caused a national commotion in USA, in the early 90's. He was a student at the University of California, and one day started to attend classes naked, as well as going that way around the campus and the city of Berkeley, being nicknamed "Naked Guy" by the press.

He did that for two reasons: besides his self comfort, since he didn't like wearing clothes, intended to prove to the world that nudity was a natural and acceptable lifestyle, that everyone could adopt, like himself. This guy thought that could change other people's mind through his example, and turned an activist, engaged in public performances and funds raising for what he called "Revolution."

In fact, going naked wasn't easy even for him, being the final stage of a gradual process. For instance, before attending classes in the nude, the man started taking his shirt off in the classroom; later went shirtless and, step by step, every part of his attire was being left at home, till the full and irreversible nakedness.

Believe it or not, for some months he was allowed to go naked everywhere, in and out of the campus, and despite the expected criticisms, there was much support too. Andrew became a celebrity, giving interviews to newspapers and magazines, appearing on TV and lecturing in congresses and scientific meetings.

It seemed he had done it, but conservative powers counterattacked. After his brief success, the  adventurous guy was suspended from university activities. Even after his agreement on attending classes covering at least his sex organs (see picture above), was eventually expelled and barred from campus forever. Morever, after the passing of anti-nudity laws, was arrested, prosecuted and got a two years probation sentence. The dream was over.

Although many people certainly don't approve his actions, on the other side, no one can deny that Andrew is one of the boldest men ever, and his self-assurance and pride are really unique and admirable. Maybe if his attitude towards the exposure of the body had finally become acccepted in society, we'd live in a much better world, and shirtlessness, for instance, would be allowed everywhere, with no restrictions. Can you imagine?

But I think Andrew's fight wasn't in vain, and the words of the writer Dave Bitters look very sensible:
When the next great progressive social revolution happens (as it will, someday, I think), the right to wear what one chooses (or not wear what one doesn't choose), without government approval, will be on the agenda due to the efforts of people like Martinez".

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