Bahia is one of the most enjoyable Brazilian states: hot and sunny throughout the year, with beautiful beaches and scenic places to visit. People there are relaxed and easy-going, treating tourists very well, in a friendly way. Its carnival, though different from Rio's, is a wonderful celebration involving thousands  of people who dance in the streets, to the catchy sound of axé music.

As you could expect, such  place is a  good environment for shirtlessness. In fact, its climate is appropriate for brief clothing: while women wear scanty dresses and miniskirts, with light, short blouses or tank tops, many men, in their leisure time, wear just shorts.
The girls from other Brazilian states and abroad find guys  from Bahia very attractive. In their oppinion, they're naturally sensual and  ready to flirt with them, being strong and naive at the same time.
A New Year's Eve celebration.
Rambo and Florencia  (an Argentinian tourist) : love at first sight
First they met...
And later they kissed
Oh, My!
Don and Roberta, during a typical dance of Bahia.