Brasília is the capital of Brazil. That's a hot city, full of young men who, in their leisure time, enjoy going shirtless around the town, to parties and concerts. Their favorite clothing are brightly colored Bermuda shorts, and some guys wear only a speedo.
In June 30 of 2002, Brazil won the World Cup for the fifth time. After the victory, there were celebrations in the streets and homes all over the country. See some pics of Brasília.
That's a college which promotes parties for the students and  their friends.
March 2002
May 2002
May 2002
March 2001
That's a hall where many concerts for the young people take place. Check some photos of  the audience that went to the  band Asa de Águia concert, in March 2001.
Natiruts concert, November 2001.
A lively fancy-dress party held in May 2002.
May 2001
September 2001
April 2002
Chiclete com Banana concert, May 2002 (below).
Ricardo Chaves concert, October 2001(below).
Rollemberg, May 2002.
Festa do Beijo (Kiss party),
June 2002.