shirtless men gallery
brasília 2
Meet more guys who enjoy themselves without shirt in the capital of Brazil.
caia na folia 2
Held in May 2002 in order to celebrate the release of the website Folia ŕ vista ( Fun at sight).
Casa dos calouros
A celebration for college freshmen, which took place in a hot winter day of August 2002.
ceub 2
Another winter celebration (August 2002).
fantasy 2
The traditional fancy-dress party, held in September 2002.
prévia da semana do saco cheio
Every year, the undergratues have an extra one week break from the classes, called Semana do saco cheio (Fed up week). Here's a party to celebrate this, in September 2002 (and the winter goes on...).
megaporto 2
One of the hottest Brasilia celebrations. Let's see more photos of the April 2002 edition.