Bruno (also called Bruninho, ie, little bruno) is a typical young male from Rio city. He´s a student and, like his peers, enjoys having fun with relatives and friends. He dresses according with hot weather in his town: at home or outdoors, is usually shirtless. Let´s meet him at some everyday activities.
Bruno and his sister
A New Year´s Eve celebration (below)
Bruno and friend
                                                                Bruno´s parties

Just like his fellows, Bruno enjoys going to parties (choppadas, micaretas) and concerts. Sure he doesn´t spent much time in choosing what to wear -- and is always smart and fit.
Ready to go , with ticket in hand.
Carnaestácio 2005 (Mourisco club)
Bahia in Rio (monte Líbano club)
Concert at Claro Hall (below)
DJ Claudio´s birthday party