In Brazil, shirtless male  artists are highly valued, and  younger  actors and singers usually appear that way in magazines covers and reports. Moreover, showing a good body can be a passport to fame and success, and some recent celebs have become nationally known by appearing on TV programs not wearing a shirt.

Here we'll present the main  highlights among barechested Brazilian celebrities.
Zulu (which's a nickname alluding to his deep tan, resembling  the African people's one) is the  top  male  celebrity in Brazil. He was born in 1963, and is a surfer since his early years. Later, already in his twenties, become a model, being acclaimed internationally for his beauty and charm.

Nowadays, he models here, and women simply go crazy when he appears in the catwalk, usuallly shirtless and wearing bathing suits. In 2000 he started to act, and got a part in the most important  soap opera of the year (
Family ties).

Despite his massive success, Zulu leads a simple life, and spends his spare time in a small village together with his wife, enjoying the natural beauties of the region. 
Zulu and his fans at Morumbi Fashion.
Zulu plants and harvests the vegetables he eats.
Relaxing at home.
Zulu and his wife.
He's an actor who started his career a few years ago, and is already one of the most acclaimed of his generation. Practices sports such as surf and footvolley, likes music and nowadays plays a part in Workout, a soap opera dealing with teenager subjects.
Mário was born in 1971, lived in USA when was 20 and before acting worked  as a broker. Also composes and sings; in the future, intends to release a CD.
They're a trio of young men who appear in one of the most popular TV shows (Planet Xuxa), presented by a talented blonde who models, acts, sings and dances, being loved by Brazilian people:  Xuxa.

In the stage, they dance all the time, always shirtless. Although don't do many things, that's not easy to become one of them, and Papaquitos ( replaced from time to time) are chosen after a contest, and have to be approved by the very Xuxa and her manager. All contestants should be young, handsome, strong built and nice; the winners find themselves very lucky.

In fact, being a Papaquito may be  a ticket to success, and one of them  (Marcos) has just become a singer, entering a new band (6L6) that's already a success.
The first Papaquitos: Márcio Mariante, Arnaldo Klay and Johnson Affonso.
The current Papaquitos: Hugo Resende, Marcos D'Ávila and Gustavo Moraes.
One of the most popular Brazilian soap operas of 2000 was Uga Uga, which had as an asset its team of young male actors, all strong, brave and shirtless almost all the time, displaying their good physique.

The author, Carlos Lombardi, always includes barechested guys in his works, considering shirtlessness a sign of status for men. This time the tactic was specially successful, and his characters pleased both women and men: while the first enjoyed men's beauty, the latter took them as models of virility and epitomes of what a man should be.
Claudio Heinrich played Tatuapu, a blond indian, and spent months very at ease...
Marcos Pasquim played Van Damme, a market stalll vendor who was very busy dating all the girls around...