celebrities 10
More Brazilian celebs going shirtless in their everyday life.
José Henrique Fonseca (movies director) going out with his wife (actress Cláudia Abreu) and daughter.
The forró band Falamansa having lunch.
The actor during carnival.
The actor going for a walk.
Tato (vocalist of Falamansa)
The Twins with Joanna Prado in their former TV show, Superpositivo.
Fernando Fernandes (from the TV show Big Brother 2) and the actress Daniele Winnits.
IIran Malfitano (actor)
Dinho (vocalist of the band Capital Inicial) in concert.
Eduardo Moscovis (actor) with a fan.
Guilherme Leme (actor).
The actors Raul Gazolla and Marcelo Novaes, during their debut in the soap opera O clone (The clone). In this episode, they kept shirtless all the time, going around town, entering a shop and having lunch in a restaurant.
Marcelo novaes in an instalment of O clone.
Marcos Frota (actor) during his daily jogging.
Paulo Zulu (model) in the catwalk and during his leisure time.