Celebrities 11
  Kleber de Paula, born in 1978, turned a national celebrity after his appearance on the TV show Big Brother, in 2002. Thanks to his charismatic personality, he was elected the winner of the competition by the audience, leaving all the other jealous competitors behind.

  The guy came from Campinas (hinterlands of São Paulo) and when was 19, moved to Bahia so as to take his chances. Worked as a dancer in a club, and was a coconut vendor too. Just before entering Big Brother, appeared in the show Planeta Xuxa Verão (Summer Xuxa Planet), as one of the shirtless dancers, and attracted Marlene Matos (Xuxa's former manager) attention.

  Nowadays, Marlene manages his career, which is doing fine. Kleber travels all around Brazil, presenting debutante balls and being a special guest in many events. Released a CD compilation with his favorite songs and has been featured in the TV show Turma do Didi (Didi's Gang), in comic roles.

  Kleber works out everyday in order to keep his good shape, and enjoys showing his physique in different occasions, as you can see below.
In Big Brother, Kleber was often shirtless (left, above and below).
Xuxa's visit
As a dancer in the club Allcatraz (Bahia).
CD cover
dado dolabella
  Dado, born in Rio in 1980, is one of the dearest young male actors in Brazil, becoming very popular after his first role in TV: the seductive Robson , in the soap opera Malhação (Workout). He soon attracted the attention of the media and turned a national personality, always appearing  in magazines and going to hype parties.

  This actor is considered a womanizer, and had hot affairs with stars such as Wanessa camargo (singer) and Deborah Secco (actress).

In 2002, was included  in the cast of the TV series A casa das sete mulheres (The house of the seven women), and rehearsed a lot so as to play an eighteenth century swordsman. In his spare time, Dado is used to sing and play his guitar.

  Women enjoy him very much, and he's often featured in brief clothes in magazines and the Web.
During carnival, with  the TV presenter Fabiana Sá.
Strolling wirh Wanessa Camargo (above and below).
IIn Búzios, with Wanessa Camargo (above and (below).