This Brazilian actor, born in 1981, has built a solid career at Globo, the main Brazilian TV network. His first role was in the soap opera "Malhação" (Work out), and in 2003 he acted in the soap opera "Kubanakan", written by Carlos Lombardi, the same writer of "Uga Uga". This author often displays shirtless actors in his works, and this one couldn't be different.
  So, Iran, who played the son of the president of a Latin American country, prepared for the part through dieting and bodybuildng. He enjoyed the result very much, and became proud of his shirtless appearances, as declared in an interview:
: " I like to watch me shirtless on the screen. After weightlifting, became stronger and can´t help working out everyday (except on Sundays, for a rest). My hairy chest arouses women."
  Nowadays, one of his main hobbies is parachuting, which hew strongly recommends.

During an interview, with his sister and a friend.
  In 2004, this fireman from Rio turned a national celebrity after an alleged affair with Luma de Oliveira, a famous model and "carnival muse".
  In 2003, he was already known after appearing in Heróis do Rio (Rio Heroes) calendar, that featured shirtless, handsome firemen , so as to raise funds for charity. The pictures of Albucacys were the most remarkable, and he started to receive half of the e-mails sent to the website that sold the calendar.
  In the following year, more photos of him and the news about his relationship with Luma gave him an unexpected success: he appeared in magazines and newspapers and became one of the sexiest firemen ever seen, usually displaying his good physique.
  But Albucacys isn't just a "pretty face": he is indeed a brave hero, acclaimed by his colleagues in the fire brigade  for his bravery and being promoted to captain. He was born in 1977, a son and grandson of colonels of Rio fire brigade. Graduated in Law, was alread married and leads a healthy life: wakes up at 5 AM for jogging, works all day in the brigade and tonight pratices 2 hours of bodybuilding. His main hobbies are soccer and singing.
In 2004, Iran acted in a play with his friend Bruno Gradim. Their wardrobe couldn´t be cosier...
Giving an interview
Albucacys in his leisure suit
The calendar pics
The hottest Brazilian fireman