See how Brazilian male celebs go shirtless in different occasions (even at work).
The singer Felipe Dylon (center) , teen pop star, and friends, during vacation at Universal Studios (Florida)
Marcelo Brou (actor and personal trainer) jogging in Rio.
Heitor Martinez (actor), when took his wife and daughter to a concert, folowed Rio fashion for men.
The actor Sergio Marone, in the soap opera Malhação (Work out), appeared scantily dressed when acted with actress Maitê Proença (and they had an affair for a while).
André Segatti (actor) working out)
One of the Twins in a summer fashion
Kleber (in grey pants), the winner of 1st Big Brother Brasil, performing with other dancers at Sport Gool.
Nelson Freitas (actor, on the right) in a soccer match with friends)
Diego (soccer player) celebrating another goal.
Gustavo Moraes (former Papaquito) tells and shows almost everything during an interview.