Flávio and Gustavo Mendonça are twin brothers, and became nationally known after their appearances in O Superpositive, a TV show for teenagers presented by Otaviano Costa.

They were born in 1978, work out daily, fight jiu jitsu and are models. In the program, take part in games and quizzes with girls, who get crazy when they show up, usually shirtless. Sometimes women scream and throw themselves to the floor, and some of them are taken away in stretchers by the Twins...
Luigi, born in 1971, was elected the sexiest actor in 2000, for his part in Family ties, the main soap opera of the year. Moreover, he acted with Xuxa in her new picture, Popstar, kissing her passionately in a scene.

People who see him today can' timagine that he was a fat, self-conscious boy. But in his teens he started dieting and working out, and finally became slim and well built, proud of the new body. Since then, got used to go shirtless  so as to display his good shape.

Nowadays, Luigi keeps dieting and exercising, and can be seen jogging at ease near the beach. Despite his good looks, prefers to be acclaimed for his talent, considering beauty a secondary aspect of his career.
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