Watch some Brazilian celebs going around shirtless, at work or in their leisure time.
Henri Castelli (actor) strips to the waist after some takes  in the  soap opera An angel fell from Heaven.
Marcos Pasquim (actor) makes his dream come true and flies over Rio's beautiful landscape.
Eduardo Moscovis (actor) riding with his little daughter.
The twin brothers Paulo Roberto and Paulo Maurício Martins, who are hairdresssers, singers and TV entertainers, having much fun in their spare time.
Marcos Damigo (actor) giving an interview at home.
Lulo (singer) in his videoclip with Susana Alves (dancer, actress and singer,one of Brazilian sex symbols)
Marcos Mion (VJ) presenting the program MTV in the Beach.
Thierry Figueira (actor) in his leisure suit.