The Twins (Flávio and Gustavo Mendonça) enjoy being shirtless all the time... and can work so too!
The Twins on their TV show  (above and below).
In the catwalk, with Carla Perez (singer and dancer).
During their trip to Amazonas.
Enjoying the carnival  with Joana Prado, the Sorceress - one of the sex symbols of Brazil (above and below).
Xandy (singer) in New  Year's  Eve, with Carla Perez, his girlfriend.
In the summer, many VIPs  visit Xuxa's island and have much fun.
Papaquitos Hugo and Gustavo receive the guests.
Xuxa (TV entertainer, singer  and  the hostess) meets  Xuxa (swimmer).
Paulo Zulu and his friends Susana Werner (model and actress) and Xuxa.