André, a tall, blond and green-eyed actor,  was born in 1972. Started acting in the theater, and nowadays is in the cast of Didi's Gang, a TV show. His main hobby is horse-riding, and perseverance, according to him, is  simultaneously his fault and best quality. Of course, he enjoys  displaying  his enviable physique, as you can see below.
During his trip to Amazonas, André wore just speedos, when canoeing.
His costume  in a carnival parade (Rio).
Cooking at home.
This promising actor was born in 1976, and lived in Bahia most of his life. Started acting when was 6 years old, and is  acknowledged as a talented theater actor, in his state.

In 2001, became widely known all over Brazil, after his appearance in the soap opera
Harbor of Miracles, where he plays a seductive waiter that makes women go crazy!

Vladimir has moved to Rio and became accustomed to its lifestyle. Has enrolled a gym, where works out whenever is possible, and enjoys going to the beach as his main hobby.

He lost his first wife, who gave him a daughter, and got married again.
Fortunately, the setbacks have been overcome, and nowadays he's having a big moment, both personally and professionally.

Being currently considered one of the most sensuous actors in Brazil, Vladimir may be seen in a series of pictures featured in the website
Paparazzo (check it at Links Section).
Vladimir and his daughter.
Going around in a comfortable way.
Getting ready for being photographed.
A good  style for men in hot days.