This Brazilian heartthrob had his big time after acting in the soap opera Um anjo caiu do céu ( An angel has fallen from Heaven), in which he played a romantic Air Force pilot. In order to get the right physique to the role, Henri started working out, becoming very fit and strong built.

Before his greatest success till now, he worked as a salesclerk, and as an actor, in plays and other soap operas:
Pecado capital (Capital sin) and Esplendor (Splendor). Nowadays  travels all over the country entertaining debutante balls.

Henri's height is 1.84 m (almost 6 feet) and his main hobbies are: cinema, music and animals (he has a boa as a pet! ).
This actor, born in 1973, started his career when was 16, as a dancer and singer in the TV program Xou da Xuxa (Xuxa's show). Later, he acted in plays, but his big chance came when he entered the cast of the soap opera Malhação (Work out), as a jiu jitsu wrestler.

Claudio acted in another soap opera,
Era uma vez (Once upon a time), and presented the program Globo Ecologia (Globo Ecology). But his greatest part was undoubtedlly the indian Tatuapu, in the soap opera Uga Uga (featured in Celebrities), during which he spent almost all the time wearing a skimpy thong.

At that time, the actor accustomed to show off his body more and more, and  nowadays enjoys going out wearing just speedos, so as to keep his tan. Due to his beauty and sensuality, has been featured in the website Paparazzo (see the
Links section), dedicated to personalities like him.

His main hobbies are: working out, windsurfing and going to the beach.
Giving an interview (above and below)
On the catwalk, Henry shows men's summer fashion (above and below).
Relaxing at home
Cláudio as Tatuapu (above and below)
In the lunchtime
Getting cooler
Acting with Humberto Martins