See more Brazilian celebs working or just having fun, always with no shirt on.
Marcos Pasquim (left) and Gustavo Moraes (right), acting in the play Blue Jeans.
Marcos Pasquim in the same play.
Nelson Freitas Júnior (actor) being interviewed at home.
While the other members of the band O Rappa wore jackets, Falcão (the vocalist) preferred to go shirtless to 2001 Video Music Brazil.
Marcos Mion (VJ of MTV) wore his gala costume in 2001 Video Music Brazil.
Chorão (vocalist of the band Charlie Brown Jr.) performing on stage.
França (soccer player) threw his shirt away so as to celebrate his goal.
Vladimir Brichta (actor) shows on the catwalk the summer fashion for men
(above and below).
The actor going to an appointment.
Tuca Andrada (actor) strolling in a sunny day.