Giovane Gávio is one of the best Brazilian volleyball players. He started playing in school, and in 1989 entered the national league. In 1992, was elected the most accomplished player in the world, being one of the Olympic champions in Barcelona, and in 1993 was considered the best player in the  national league of Brazil.

Giovane played in Italy for some years. In 1997, started a new career in beach volley, but later returned to the fields.

Besides his success in sport, Giovane also turned  a personality thanks to his good looks and sex appeal, being acclaimed by his female fans wherever he goes. After he moved to Rio, quickly became used to its lifestyle, and nowadays the beach is one of his favorite places. Of course, going shirtless is a common practice for him now.

2002 has been a great year for this athlete, who increased his popularity even more: he paraded in carnival, wearing a a scanty Indian costume, and later was featured in the site Paparazzo ( visit it through the
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Giovane was born in 1970, and his height is 1.95 m (almost 6 feet). 
Alexandre is a multi-talented artist: he acts, dances, composes and has also been  a manager for other artists.

Took part in 12 soap operas, several  TV series, movies and plays. In 2001, traveled around Brazil presenting funk music acts in dozens of clubs.

Despite his long career, Frota became a real national celebrity after his apearance in
Casa dos artistas (House  of the artists), a TV reality show that became a craze in the end of 2001. He wasn't the winner, but thanks to his natural talent and charisma was one of the most popular competitors. After he left the program, got an invitation from Sílvio Santos (the deviser of Casa dos artistas and one of the most important TV owners and entrepreneurs in Brazil) to perform a good  role in the next soap opera of Sílvio's channel (Marisol), together with the winner of the show, Bárbara Paz.

Alexandre also released a book,
Do outro  lado do muro (Beyond the wall), telling unknown backstage  facts that happened in Casa dos Artistas.

The actor was born in 1964, and nowadays is married to the model and presenter Daniela Freitas.

Alexandre and Daniela (below)