Many barechesters complain that can't work shirtless. Well, that depends on the type of job. Here is featured a rewarding, pleasant and shirt-free profession: DJ. in fact, not all of them can play that way, but at some clubs they can dress (or not) as they like. That's the case of these Brazilian DJs, who enjoy being barechested when in action, and even in their everyday life.

Mauro Borges was born in 1962, is also a journalist and the owner of a nightclub (Disco Fever), where he plays too. Usuallly gets  shirtless in his booth and in public events. Body building is one of his main hobbies.
Herbert Tonn is in his twenties, and plays since the early 90's. Like Mauro, also enjoys displaying his body, and generally plays wearing only underwear.
Both DJs have a lot in common: are strong built, conceited, and  usually show up shirtless. Have appeared naked in magazines and released CD compilations named after them, which sold well.  Their  musical style is similar, disco and house oriented. However, don't invite them to the same party, cos they're not exactly friends...