Frank was born in New York, USA, in 1971, and has achieved a  successful career as a bodybuilder and model.

He began to work out when was 14. Graduated in criminal law, but after leaving college, started modelling, in 1992. Undoubtedly, his big success is due to the combination of a perfect physique, good looks and much self-determination.

Frank  has won important awards, such as Eastern USA Bodybuilding Championships. Simultaneously, has been the most photographed bodybuilder in the world, appearing in dozens of magazines (Muscle & Fitness, Ironman, Rollling Stone, Playgirl and many others) and book covers. Was chosen to be the centerfold of of Playgirl's 25th anniversary issue. Besides, has been featured on ESPN shows and in commercials.

One of his main goals in life is building his physique to the best of his ability, keeping himself  always  proud of it. On the other side, Frank's a sensible man, including among his achievements to help his family as much as he can.

Frank's life is a real source of inspiration to other men, proving that a great career can  be built through a good nutrition and training program. Moreover, he may be considered a symbol of the shirtless lifestyle for men, since he appears that way in most occasions, being acclaimed and awarded the more he displays his astounding body.
Frank's dolce vita
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