Funk balls  are very popular and a great chance for men and women display their sensuality. Check some pics of the parties held in Castelo das Pedras (Castle of the Stones, the best place for the balls)  and Salgueiro (a escola de samba - samba school).
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Funk balls are the current craze in Rio, and are becoming popular in other cities, too.They've been around since the 80's, but for a long time were held and attended by people living in the poorest places (the slums).
Some years  ago, everything changed: boys and girls of upper classes found out the funk, started to go to the balls and these got a different ambient, more friendly and safer.
Finally, in 2000, some songs played in the balls hit the charts and became known by everyone. The refrains are catchy, and the funkers' way of dance and dress is fastly growing in popularity among young people. That's all very sensual: the lyrics have sexual connotations, and in the balls girls wear skimpy clothes, while the boys go usually shirtless, or strip to the waist and swing their shirts in the air during the dance.