Let´s see how Rio guys go around in the shirtless style.
Alexandre Menezes going to the beach (and pleasing the girls!)
Thierry Figueira (actor)
Orlando Morais (singer) and his wife Glória Pires (actress)
Luiz Pizarro in his birthday party
Celebrating in the night
Fernando Fernandes (model and actor) and Danielle Winits (actress)
Tuca Andrada (actor)
A yoga class
Surfer in a bus
Shopping at the  Galeria River mall
Mário Brasil and girlfriend
Dancing in a club
Guilherme Leme (actor)
Marcos Palmeira (actor)
Enjoy the carnival balls , dressed in a scanty speedo and surrounded by pretty girls!
A Scala ball
A Copacabana Palace ball
José Henrique Fonseca (movies director) with his wife and daughter