See more shirtless guys going around.
Why would he wear a shirt?
A good fashion for men in Santa Cruz, California, US
(above and below).
In Canada, during summer, men feel hot, and then...
Working out at  Musclesystem, a  shirtless-friendly gym in California.
Gold Coast is Australia's most popular holiday destination, situated 80 km south of Brisbane, Queensland. That's a string of towns and villages linked by modern highways, mountains and the sea.
Surfers Paradise is one of them, and also a haven for shirtless guys. Here are  some scenes of Cavill Mall, the shoping area of the town. In this place, men can shop and eat wearing  just shorts.

Ready for the shopping.
A break for a meal (above and below).
Leaving the hotel.
Spending a lot.
About to enter Mac Donald's
A typical holiday-maker.
Yoga  and meditation, besides physical and  spiritual healing and improvement, are a good chance for men to wear  brief and comfortable clothes.
Levi's models show the summer fashion.