São Paulo is Brazil's biggest city , renowned for its factories, enterprises and lots of  people always busy  and in a hurry. In comparison with Rio, is much more serious and conservative. As you might expect, that's not exactly the best place for shirtlessness, although it also exists here.

Even in hot days, guys usually wear shirts everywhere, but,on the other side, if a man wishes to go shirtless,  will hardly  face  comments, and barechesters can be seen sometimes, here and there. In parks and stadiums, that practice is more common.

Açaí is a bar attended by young people, and gets crowded at weekends. As you can see, men can be at ease  there.
Guys waiting for a bus that will take them to a carnival ball.
Scottish clubbers ?
Couple dancing a forró, a typical Brazilian rhythm.
Flirting at Ibirapuera park, the main meeting point of the city.
A rare scene in São Paulo :  a man wearing bikini.
Ibirapuera park
Laugh, baby, laugh!
Ricardo Ortega at Tatto Yoy Shop Bar.
An odd sight at São Paulo downtown: The Seductives, a team of strippers that intend to become singers, promote their talent in the streets...
The Cowboy Party of Barretos,  a city located in the state of São Paulo 's hinterland, is held annually, promoting rodeo competitions. Despite it occurs in winter, the weather is usually hot, and many guys go shirtless, instead of wearing the classic "western costume" (jeans, checkered shirt and hat).
It's getting hotter!
A demonstration held by pit bull masters for the rights of their dogs. Many of these guys, called pitboys, enjoy going shirtless, displaying their physique.