Ulli is German, lives in Munich, is in his early forties and works as a software developer and consultant.

One of his hobbies is, when weather is fine and hot, going  out shirtless, by foot or riding a bike. He enjoys (as you can see above) travelling by subway barechested, and also goes to snack bars (such as Mac Donaldī s ) this way.

Even in winter he manages to show up shirtless, when goes dancing. His tactic is entering the club wearing a jacket (with no shirt on), leaving it in the coatroom and stay shirtless all night long, having much fun.

As it seems that shirtlesness is not very common in Germany, Ulli is really a trendsetter, and we hope that his style become widespread, soon!
On March 2001 Ulli traveled to Australia ( a shirtlessness-friendly country), where he could visit many places with no shirt on.
Ulli in downtown Sidney