Yann (also called Gunslinger) is a Frenchman in his forties, who works in computing area and is certainly one of the most outstanding shirtlessness aficionados in the world. His main hobies are: music (specially the band Yes), books (history, sci-fi, horror), TV series, dogs and politics.

In warm days, goes everywhere shirtless (except to his office), usually not carrying a shirt at all  (by the way, he  points out that  "true" barechesters don't take a shirt with them). Yann does the shopping and commutes, in subways, buses and trains, barechested so many times as he wishes, and is  welcome this way  at almost all places.

When on vacation or extended weekends, travels to other countries, being shirtless all the time, visiting many places and having much fun.

This guy enjoys walking barefooted too, though  doesn't go out so often that way as  he does barechested.

Congratulations, Yann, and I do hope that many others follow you example, around the world!
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Yann's usual attire
Resting in the street
Shopping in a supermarket
Having a snack at Mac Donald's
Visiting a museum
In a subway station
Celebrating New Year's evening.
Travelling by train (above)
About to travel by subway